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Your site is THE BEST SITE of the web !!
( I won this month 1000 Euro ) My money / month and the work is 100 Euro !!! ( 4.000.000 Lei )
Best regards
DANARAD (Romania)

I really enjoy your page. Thanks for your great work.
The reason for this PN is that I'm writting a book about sportsbetting right now. This should also include a chapter about picking with your site According to do this I want to take some screens from the match sheets to explain my way of interpret it.

Tim (Germany)

Anyway, you are my favourite site for/stats and systems. Go guys, continue in this way. If you could add also the feature described on 8. you would be the only site in the world (and surely the best)!
Stefano (Italy)

This homepage is simply great, I can't bet without having checked the tables beforehand. Thank you very much for the service offered..and as a computer programmer I would love to become a member of your working team..please!
Paolo (Italy)

WIthout doubt, the most informative, complete and useful betting-related site I've ever seen. Superb job.
Stephen (England)

Having only recently come across this site, I have been very impressed. It used to be the case of sitting a few hours every couple of night looking through stats and results to pinpoint good betting opportunities. I feel this site will now save me a lot of that effort, while hopefully maintaining a good return.
Dave (Northern Ireland)

I have not been a member long but the site has already helped me out considerable. Keep up the good work, Glad I came across the site.
Phil (England)

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