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Old BetDevil Website

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Old Website

The old BetDevil website is still available at

The New Site includes Club Soccer only. Work is ongoing to add Basketball and International Soccer.

The New Site includes New Probability Calculations or alternatively the Beta Probability Calculations available on the old site in the Match Analysis Lists section.

Back in 2011, a new way to calculate probabilities was devised.

This new method was more specific to each individual league, in that it takes into account league history.

A discussion on it and a detailed explanation can be seen in the following post.

New Probabilities Calculations

The calculations have been on the old site in beta mode since 2011 (Match Analysis Lists)

Link : Match Rating 1X2 Beta Probabilities (Silver/Gold Members Only)

Link : Match Rating U/O 2.5 Beta Probabilities (Silver/Gold Members Only)

Thus in moving forward with the launch of the New Site, it was the obvious time to switch over.

However, this will not mean the end of the old probabilities. The profiling tool (New Site) includes both, Old Site includes the old probabilities only.

New Match Analysis List Views are in development to show the old probabilities in the New Site.

The Old Site will remain active for a limited period of time. (More details to follow.)

Please return to this page for more updates on this matter.

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