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The Testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have provided feedback about BetDevil. These feedback consists of

Forum Testimonials, Survey Comments, Private Messages and Emails.

The Testimonials come from all over the world which reflects BetDevil's user base from 220+ Countries.

Your site is THE BEST SITE of the web !!
( I won this month 1000 Euro ) My money / month and the work is 100 Euro !!! ( 4.000.000 Lei )
Best regards
DANARAD (Romania)

I really enjoy your page. Thanks for your great work.
The reason for this PN is that I'm writting a book about sportsbetting right now. This should also include a chapter about picking with your site According to do this I want to take some screens from the match sheets to explain my way of interpret it.

Tim (Germany)

Just keep up the good work ;o)))
Peter (Denmark)

it is a very good site.
John (England)

Anyway, you are my favourite site for/stats and systems. Go guys, continue in this way. If you could add also the feature described on 8. you would be the only site in the world (and surely the best)!
Stefano (Italy)

This homepage is simply great, I can't bet without having checked the tables beforehand. Thank you very much for the service offered..and as a computer programmer I would love to become a member of your working team..please!
Paolo (Italy)

An excellent site for football betting fans. It was recommended to me by a freind and I in turn have recommened it to many. Yy only disapointment is I discovered it towards the end of the English season. Looking forward to Euro 2004 even more now!
john (England)

Great site. Keep it runing
Tomislav (Croatia (Hrvatska))

Brilliant Site, this year has been a real breakthrough for me with the profiling tools. With the back cheking over previous seasons as well I have confidence inthe selections knowing the the strike rate can be maintained over 2000+ games.
Tony (England)

Bet Devil is a vey good effort to help football betors. Trimming it down to the useful essentials and maybe initiating a subscription service would target the more serious punters. All in all, a splendid job. Well done.
George (England)

keep going...
mulayim (Turkey)

I honestly don't know how you can provide this level of quality for free. I am absolutely astounded. I actually live in Canada and play the North American sports market but you really can't resist European leagues with this quality. I don't even know what to say without rambling on for days. So I'll summarize with heartfelt thanks.
Douglas (Canada)

Great site, congratulations for all the BetDevil team (from Poland).
Adam (Poland)

fantastic site, nearly speechless and i hope this site will go on forever and i definitely would pay a small fee to use it if that should be the case (hopefully not :-) )
Lars (Sweden)

This is one of my best 3 sites for getting information about the matches. Congratulations for your excellent work.
Esteban (Spain)

Excellent site
raymond (England)

WIthout doubt, the most informative, complete and useful betting-related site I've ever seen. Superb job.
Stephen (England)

Having only recently come across this site, I have been very impressed. It used to be the case of sitting a few hours every couple of night looking through stats and results to pinpoint good betting opportunities. I feel this site will now save me a lot of that effort, while hopefully maintaining a good return.
Dave (Northern Ireland)

I have not been a member long but the site has already helped me out considerable. Keep up the good work, Glad I came across the site.
Phil (England)

Keep up the good work.
Umar (Pakistan)

this site is great idea!..
bull (Turkey)

Overall an excellent site :)
MICK (England)

I think Betdevil is a great site and very valuble to find teams to back..or lay... Thank you very much!
Peter (Sweden)

A very good site
Colin (England)

Great site.
n (Scotland)

Carry on and stay free :-)
Vedran (Croatia (Hrvatska))

An excellent site. Keep up the good work.
Geoff (England)

I am very impressed with all the different leagues covered. The stats are verygood also.
David (England)

Brilliant site!!!
Tony (New Zealand)

This site is so great. Sorry my poor english ( duh !) Thank you a lot
Jimmi (Indonesia)

Great Site !
Zoran (Croatia (Hrvatska))

no comments. Going to open the site win today. Again.
zlatko (Macedonia)

Cool website
Karen (England)

Thank you for all your hard work.
Edward (United States)

Lukovic (Serbia and Montenegro)

Keep up the good work..
Bahadır (Turkey)

Keep on the good work.
Jonny (Norway)

Great work! Keep it up :o}
Torben (Denmark)

I love your logo.
Erez (Israel)

Thanks ...
Ersin (Turkey)

Good site and good analysis. Keep up the good work.
James (Singapore)

Keep up the good work
Stefan (Denmark)

I love you guys! I mess up badly with your tips:)))))))
Andre (Romania)

keep up d good work
richard (Malaysia)

no comment...keep up the good work...
erick (Malaysia)

Stay online much more years
Alexander (Austria)

good website and quick up to date ;)
ridwan (Indonesia)

excellent site - well done
Richard (England)

yes its good place for me to pop on
Stoian (Bulgaria)

the best comparison site on the web that i have seen and this site is a must for all punters
alex (Greece)

Keep up the good work!
Dusan (Serbia and Montenegro)

Petr (Czech Republic)

thanks for everything..never give up :)
ibrahim (Turkey)

Great site. Only been using it for about 6 months but well impressed. Love the fact that I can bet on games with confidence in some of the most obscure leagues thanks to the accuracy of your ratings. Well done and keep it up.
Paul (England)

I do realy appreciate your site and hope it will continiue in the same manner
Tord (Sweden)

great site, best out of a large group
Stephen (Australia)

Keep up the good work, my friend! I am Daglashen from Athens, Greece.
Fanis (Greece)

great site
Seven (Romania)

Just keep up with good work! Betdevil rules!!!
Achmat (England)

Great site!!!! Sorry for my bad english!
Vilmos (Hungary)

Brilliant site keep up the good work.
Phil (All Other Countries)

I love this site & please keep continue ! Good luck !
Thierry (Indonesia)

Your site is excellent. Keep up the good work!
Thanos (Greece)

Keep up the good work! Maybe some more picks by bet devil. some made by you.
Sune (Denmark)

congratulations... keep it up
nick (Cyprus)

Good site
Sam (England)

I love reading your stats each day. Thanks for making it so fascinating
John (Canada)

Excellent site, very helpful hope it remains free.
Ray (Australia)

good site!
Renat (Russia)

Keep up the good work :-)
Hans (Netherlands)

nice work.. keep going but you can also add turkish to your site remember that 200000 turkish people make bet on internet...
hakan (Turkey)

I find it hard to see how you can make your site much better as it's very good already
Derek (England)

Thank you for making this fabulous website.
YANG (United States)

congrats to the admin. You're great guys!!
max (Italy)

super side
Juergen (Germany)

this site is very good
tomek (Poland)

Lakshman Rao (Ireland)

apart from the small number of bookmakers this site is the best for the most comprehensive information.
Fred (England)

excellent bettingservice .. has helped me pick the winner most times. Keep up the good work.
Mikkel (Denmark)

all good
Ilija (Serbia and Montenegro)

Excellent site. It was great to find this kind of site which didn't charge anything to use.
To be honest if you all you had was the from guide stuff I would be happy but the profling tools are a bonus.
The trend graphs in the form guide are very helpfull for at a glance form checks.

Ian (England)

Good job
stergios (Greece)

You have a terrific site that must be valued all over the world.
Kalin (Bulgaria)

keep on running
slobodan (Serbia and Montenegro)

this site are very good
billy (Austria)

Keep up the good work and thanks
Geoff (England)

excellent site. keep up the good work.
Phil (England)

The service is brilliant but would like additional features on half time full time scores
Andy (England)

I consider betdevil is a above-average site. It offers a very useful betting tool. Moreover, I like the fantasy betting of the Euro2004 very much. :)
c (Hong Kong)

Site is much appreciated, please keep up the great work!
Kevin (England)

everything is great in this site
umut (Turkey)

fantastic site, keep up the good work. I just hope you dont start charging for this awesome service
Russell (England)

Actually you are doing a great job and i believe many people will like it, cause your analysis are pretty good
Kengjiseh (Cyprus)

thank you
panayiotis (Cyprus)

Keep the good work!
Kresimir (Croatia (Hrvatska))

It's great just as it is.
Adrian (England)

very good job pals !!!
Jimi (Indonesia)

keep up the good work
Jan Yde (Denmark)

paul (England)

I am happy
Jan (Czech Republic)

doruk (Turkey)

you're doing great job, I often use tools and analysis from your site, keep going
Kamil (Poland)

This is the best site I've ever come across. Excellent piece of work, masterpiece! Keep it up and hat off to you.
bob (Singapore)

Gerry (England)

Thanks for a great website. I think it is excelent
Richard (England)

Thank you for a very good site!
Thomas (Norway)

You are great!
Tabor (Poland)

i love betdevil thanks alottttttttt
ergin (Turkey)

keep up the good work
John (Australia)

Keep up the good work! :)
Marvin (Singapore)

Keep up the good work :)
Jimmy (Sweden)

You are doing a good job! I am happy
Jesper (Denmark)

this site is very helpful to me! Thank you for your works!
zhihao (New Zealand)

Keep up the good work guys!
John Paul (Ireland)

Keep up the good work.
Malcolm (England)

Very good site, very accurate at predictions and data source.
susan (England)

Carry on!
Vladimir (Serbia and Montenegro)

Overall I think this is a great site because I havent seen any of site like it and its helped me make profit.There is room for improvement and if you could add features i mentioned im sure it would make the site even greater.Great job.
James (England)

absolutly fab site.. woludn't bet without it...
Craig T. (Scotland)

very good
paul (England)

Very good site - which I use alot during the football-season
Trond (Norway)

Great site!
Alistair (England)

Your site excellent and provides me with everything that I need to make my forecasts. Thank YOU.
JOHN G. (Scotland)

Keep this Site Cool as ever.. thank you.
Ali (Indonesia)

It's an excellent web page! Keep up the good work!!
cheah (Malaysia)

Keep up the good work
Srdjan (Spain)

I start following you a week ago. As I see very much helpfull site you have. I am heavyly betting for horses in Turkey. I started betting for football 2 years ago. I bet high simetimes only worry I have how I will receive back if I win. Becouse current sites paying to credit card . I dont want receive money there.
mete (Turkey)

...thank YOU:)
Nemanja (Serbia and Montenegro)

good site
jo (Northern Ireland)

i love oyu babe
Anakin (Turkey)

betdevil is fabulous !
hercule (France)

excellent site for Stats/Ratings/Probabilities
e (England)

good site
Jim (Bahrain)

very interesting site for punters
jivanji (Mauritius)

baican (Romania)

Great site mate only found it the other day and have to say its a bit of a revolution for me. Unfortunately the first weekend seemed to go fairly badly but i trust in the past stats etc... and will continue to use!!!
John (England)

Really very good site, especially your tools and profile analysis. Congratulations!
Jordi (Spain)

barış (Turkey)

Great site, looking forward to exploring it fully!
Henry (England)

very good work; thank you four your efforts
kerem (United States)

I like your site!!!!
Igor (Israel)

Very good site - keep up the good work.
Steven (England)

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